Highland Hospital is the largest institution in the Highland Park Neighborhood and, as such, impacts life here in a number of ways. On the plus side we have convenient access to health care and jobs for those living here; on the minus side are traffic, parking, and noise.

A running committee has existed since 2012, the Highland Park Neighborhood-Highland Hospital Interaction Committee (HPNHHIC). This committee’s purpose is to address issues; in a constructive, mutually respectful way; that jointly impact the Highland Park Neighborhood and Highland Hospital with the goal of maintaining a good relationship as neighbors in our shared community.

From time to time other committees will form to address specific large issues, e. g. creating the Planned Development District.

HPN HHIC Meeting Minutes

November: HPNHHIC Meeting Minutes_20201105

January: HPNHHIC Meeting Minutes_20190117_v1
April: HPNHHIC Meeting Minutes_20190418

May: HPNHHIC Meeting Minutes_20180524
June: HPNHHIC Meeting Minutes_20180628
September: HPNHHIC Meeting Minutes_20180920
October: HPNHHIC Meeting Minutes_20181025

Information regarding the Highland Hospital Planned Development District

Highland Hospital’s current application to the City of Rochester for a planned development district. This PDD was addressed by the City Planning Commission on February 11, 2019 and passed.

HPNA’s response after review of the current Highland Hospital Planned Development District:
March 11, 2019
February 1, 2019