If you love our neighborhood and would like to be more involved in planning events and advocating for city life, please consider joining the all-volunteer Highland Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA) board.

If you are interested in joining the board, please send an email indicating your interest to board@highlandparkrochester.org.

Deadline for submissions for the 2019/2020 board elections is:
January 8, 2019.

Be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Neighborhood address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Position you’d like be considered for
  • Brief description of why you’d like to join the HPNA board

Commitment to the board will be based on the amount of time you have to give however, there is a minimum commitment to attend monthly board meetings (held at various locations in the neighborhood) that last for about 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Information about board responsibilities can be found on the By Laws web page at: https://highlandparkrochester.org/by-laws/

Why join the HPNA board?

  • We need new board members to keep our Neighborhood Association moving forward.
  • Our neighborhood organization keeps us visible to the city when important decisions affecting this neighborhood come our way.
  • The board serves as a focal point to respond to developments affecting our neighborhood.

Some current board activities include:

  • Monitoring the project to reconfigure the Highland Park reservoir
  • Working to address parking and traffic concerns around Highland Hospital
  • Input into the next major development of the Highland Hospital campus
  • For a more complete list of activities, please visit the association activities web page https://highlandparkrochester.org/assoc-activities/

We all lead very busy lives, but please consider why giving some time to the neighborhood is important.

  • You gain the ability to provide input as to what happens in your neighborhood.
  • A little time spent on seemingly little things can have a big impact. Neighborhoods get better or worse one little thing at a time.
  • Add to your resume as your participation will help you hone or gain organizational skills.

Your actions and involvement are the greatest teacher for your children and others in the community.