The Board of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association is responsible for upholding the Mission of the Organization.   While directly involved with the Association’s major projects, events, and meetings; the board also acts to facilitate many other related projects by organizing and assisting the teams and groups of residents that complete these tasks themselves.  The board is a fundamental resource for those residents that want to act and improve upon our shared urban village.  In addition, Board Members act as liaisons (and approve others in such roles) to City Officials and associated Community Civic Organizations.

The board is entirely staffed by volunteers from among our residents. Members and all residents are invited to join in these efforts by offering opinions, assistance and every manner of contribution.

Board Members and Officers

Chairperson: Bob Thompson – Email: [email protected]
Vice Chairperson: Open
Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Open – Email: [email protected]
Treasurer: Roger Ramsay – Email: [email protected]

Communications Coordinator: Roxanne Townsend
Email: [email protected]

Sector Leaders:
Stacey Bershod (North)
Larry O’Heron (South)
Glen Coykendahl (East)

At Large Members:
Tom Slothower