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BoulevART Street Art Project

Highland Park Neighborhood’s BoulevART 2012 Project


One Portion of Our BoulevART 2012 Project

Over 125 of the Highland Park Neighborhood’s residents, friends, including many whole families, joined together to Paint a Street Art Mural on the Pavement at the Intersection of Meigs & Linden and the Streets next to Ellwanger & Barry Park  on June 10, 2012.  The layout and painting were originally scheduled as a two day event, but Saturday June 9 was rained out.  But then the event organizers were very pleased to find that enough dedicated neighbors participated so that the entire canvas chalked out and painted in only one day with time to spare.

And here is an album of photos showing what this neighborhood created together on June 10,2012 after Saturday’s event was rained out.

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We will provide a full update and history of BoulevART 2012 at our scrapbook site soon, but until such time,  please see a short documentary filmed and produced by HPNA member Bruce “Pacho” Lane. 


The Background on  BoulevART 2012

Many of the events planned by the Highland Neighborhood Park Neighborhood over the last three years have centered on improvements for Ellwanger & Barry Park.   In fact, it all started as a “Traffic Calming Project.”  To that end,  as a group, we have been practicing a concept called Placemaking (see below).    Now in June 2012, after receiving final approval , we took our most dramatic step so far, and along with 125+ members of the Neighborhood and community, we created  Artwork Right in The Middle of the Street!   Yes ! With the endorsement and support of the City of Rochester, we  (all= Neighbors,  Friends, Adults, Children)  painted a giant design in the intersection of Meigs & Linden and the parts of each street that adjoin the park….


The Prototype for Boulevart 2012 Project by Larry Staiger  (and friends ) 
as submitted for Approval to the City of Rochester  and Monroe County DOT in April ,2012 

BoulevART 2012 Design Prototype

BoulevART Final Master Plan as used for Event

For more information on volunteering to  be part of the future of our BoulevART project,  please email our volunteer coordinator  at volunteer@highlandparkrochester.org or call 585-473-0026.


So what is Placemaking and what’s the purpose of painting a street and whose idea was this to begin with?

Placemaking is a multi-layered process within which citizens foster active, engaged relationships to the spaces which they inhabit, the landscapes of their lives, and shape those spaces in a way which creates a sense of communal stewardship and lived connection…..

…As the process of developing a community place proceeds; people develop deeper relationships and more energy to create together because they live together. Creating a common ground that transcends the differences among people powerfully addresses this isolation and creates an environment where people feel like they can do anything they set their collect minds to. From Intro to Placemaking at CityRepair.Org – Click Picture for Link


PS  For more from CityRepair..watch the following video….I hope it gets you as excited as the rest of us at the HPNA that such a project has been accomplished in  Rochester and our Neighborhood!

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