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Welcome to the “Finest and Healthiest Part of the City“!

That is what the Ellwanger & Barry Company called our area while building many of our homes and streets.

Mr. Ellwanger and Mr. Barry were nurserymen who owned the land that consists of current-day Highland Park and our streets. This area was for many years known as The Ellwanger & Barry Neighborhood. Our name was changed to The Highland Park Neighborhood in 2007. The Highland Park neighborhood has always been known as very family friendly.

Upcoming Events

amendaThe Amenda Quartet brings “Project Ludwig” to its conclusion at Mission Hall with a special free concert featuring Beethoven’s Opus 130,  For ten months the quartet has been presenting all 16 of Beethoven’s String Quartets throughout the region. On  Friday, June 3 2016, the cycle completes thanks to the sponsorship of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association and the South Wedge Mission.
This performance will also include commentary from members of the quartet: Patricia Sunwoo & David Brickman (violins) ,Melissa Matson (viola) and Mimi Hwang (cello). 

Local Events

May 16 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Rose O’Keefe, author of Frederick and Anna Douglass in Rochester NY,  teams up with story teller D’lores Simmons for a slide show honoring the women in the Douglass family circle. Presentation is at the Ellwanger Estate, 625 Mt. Hope Ave. $20 to benefit Ellwanger Gardens.  Click here for more details .