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Welcome to the “Finest and Healthiest Part of the City“!

That is what the Ellwanger & Barry Company called our area while building many of our homes and streets.

Mr. Ellwanger and Mr. Barry were nurserymen who owned the land that consists of current-day Highland Park and our streets. This area was for many years known as The Ellwanger & Barry Neighborhood. Our name was changed to The Highland Park Neighborhood in 2007. The Highland Park neighborhood has always been known as very family friendly.

Upcoming Events

Halloween Parade

Twelfth Annual Halloween Parade, October 30 at 4PM at the Ellwanger Barry Playground. Ages 0 – 12 are invited to dress up and teenagers are welcome to help with the candy scavenger hunt. Bring a bag of candy to share or donuts and cider. It’s a great time!

Local Events


On Saturday, October 15 at 9AM to 10:30AM, Gary Thompson, Dick Bennett and other Image City Photography Gallery Partners who are renown nature photographers, will conduct the Highland Park Photography Tour.  They will locate good photographic opportunities and assist participants to capture their images.  The Park’s Fall foliage provides excellent backgrounds and color, regardless of whether the day is sunny, cloudy, or rainy.  Photographers of all or no levels of expertise, and all kinds of cameras, even cell phones, are welcome and encouraged to join us.

The tour is a remarkable and rare opportunity to learn from these photographic experts, and to enjoy the Park.

The tour is free and open to the public.  Just wear your walking shoes, and meet  at the Lamberton Conservatory , 180 Reservoir Avenue.  The Photography Tour begins at 9AM.