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Welcome to the “Finest and Healthiest Part of the City“!

That is what the Ellwanger & Barry Company called our area while building many of our homes and streets.

Mr. Ellwanger and Mr. Barry were nurserymen who owned the land that consists of current-day Highland Park and our streets. In fact, in their honor, our neighborhood was for many years known as The Ellwanger & Barry Neighborhood.

In 2007, with permission of the City, we changed our name officially to The Highland Park Neighborhood. Today  the Highland Park Neighborhood is known as a family friendly section of  Rochester, NY.

Here are other things to know about us.

  • We have an active Neighborhood Association that represents our 2000+ households, residents and businesses.
  • We live within walking distance of Highland Park, a botanical treasure. Our history portraits why Rochester is called the Flower City.
  • Other places you can walk to in our neighborhood  …Read More…Click Here….


Our Mission

The Highland Park Neighborhood Association is a community organization led by active volunteers who are elected by neighborhood residents to:

  • Address concerns and issues that are important to residents.
  • Plan activities and events that bring neighbors together.
  • Represent the neighborhood in dealings with the City. of Rochester and other institutions.
  • Keep residents informed through direct and online communication
  • Undertake initiatives that preserve and improve the quality of life in our area and develop a positive sense of pride and community.
  • Engender open and democratic processes to the benefit of all residents who wish to participate in neighborhood activities and representations.

This Association shall be noncommercial, non-sectarian, non-partisan and will not discriminate on the base of sex, religion, race, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.


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