• We need new board members to keep our Neighborhood Association moving forward.
  • Our neighborhood organization keeps us visible to the city when important decisions affecting this neighborhood come our way.
  • The HPNA Board serves as a focal point to respond to developments affecting our neighborhood.

Some current board activities include:

  • Working with the Landmark Society to establish state historic districts in our neighborhood.
  • Working to address parking and traffic concerns around Highland Hospital

For a more complete list of activities, please visit the association activities web page https://highlandparkrochester.org/assoc-activities/

We all lead very busy lives, but please consider why giving some time to the neighborhood is important.

  • You gain the ability to provide input as to what happens in your neighborhood.
  • A little time spent on seemingly little things can have a big impact. Neighborhoods get better or worse one little thing at a time.
  • Add to your resume as your participation will help you hone or gain organizational skills.
  • Your actions and involvement are the greatest teacher for your children and others in the community.

To join the HPNA Board, go to our Call for Board Members page.