By Laws

Highland Park Neighborhood Association By-Laws Revised: October 19, 2007 Revised: December 7, 2010 Revised: December 2, 2014 ARTICLE I.  NAME This organization shall be known as the Highland Park Neighborhood Association.  The Association name is commonly abbreviated as HPNA. Prior to 2007 the Highland Park Neighborhood Association was known as the Ellwanger and Barry Neighborhood Association. … Continue reading By Laws

About Us

The Highland Park Neighborhood Among the patchwork of neighborhoods in Southeastern Rochester that give the area its distinctive and desirable character is the Highland Park Neighborhood. This stable and family-friendly area stretches from Highland Avenue north to Gregory Street between South Clinton and South Avenues.  The neighborhood is one of the most pleasant and livable … Continue reading About Us


This is what the Ellwanger & Barry Company called our area while building many of our homes and streets in the early 1900’s. It’s our opinion that this still holds true today! This part of Rochester, NY was known as The Ellwanger & Barry Neighborhood until 2007 when the name was changed to The Highland … Continue reading Home