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Volunteer for the 3 Hour Team

Special Presentations Listing ProjectsIf you’ve seen one of our year end wrap-ups at an annual meeting, you’ll understand that we have events, meetings and many other projects going on in our neighborhood all year long, every month of the year. Movies, Gardening, Traffic Calming, Planning, Cleanup Crews, Arts, Exhibit Volunteers, Taste of the Neighborhood, Halloween Parade, Tours, School Choice,  Garage Sale…etc…and the list continues.

Many of you would like to participate but just don’t feel as if you can commit to being on one of our teams or committees or our board. Of course, joining as a supporting member is a BIG HELP.  Contributions from our neighbors help us with each and every one of our programs.

But we have come up with another way you can help… we call it:

The Three Hour Team

It is very simple to become a member of the Three Hour Team

  1. Use this Online Form (click here)  OR Email us with your contact information (at jointheteam@highlandparkrochester.org), include your phone number and name and tell us you want to join the team. If you have a list of thing you would prefer doing and those that you wouldn’t, include this list.
  2. Next time we have a task, such as helping plant or cleanup a park or garden or deliver our Buzz or something guaranteed to take 3 hours or less, we will contact you and see if you are available.
  3. The first time you say YES! and join us, that will be it….we won’t call again UNLESS YOU JOIN THE TEAM AGAIN. Or a New Year begins.

And of course, we are hoping you will join us again and again all year long. But if one three hour session per year is all you can afford….we will still be grateful and acknowledge your volunteer contributions at the next annual meeting (which by the way, we are already planning and it is going to be special from what I’ve heard)

So there you go….interested? Let us know using this special online form or by emailing us at jointheteam@highlandparkrochester.org

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