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Traffic Calming – Report from a New Team

2010 January 5
by Michael

Linden Sidewalk During Taste of The Neighborhood Event

As a result of the September 2009 General  Meeting on Safety and Security, a group of neighbors came together to form a Traffic Calming Team. Our first areas of focus: Linden and Meigs Streets around Ellwanger and Barry Park and also Goodman Street. The playground is so popular with young families that it can be viewed as “The Heart of the Neighborhood”.  So when the team created its first list of priorities, ensuring the safety of children going to and from this park got the top rank. Right behind on the list is the task of researching and working with the City on ways to create safer crossings on Goodman Street.  But while discussing these hot-spots, we realized that our initiative needed an even broader focus towards building a modern culture of respect for pedestrian and non-vehicular transportation within our neighborhood, the surrounding area and the city at large.

As stated in our goals statement, we want our neighborhood to eventually rival the best among “walking-friendly” communities across the United States……(Read the complete story  about the recent activity of this team  on this page)

See the Team presentation shared with Rochester’s SE Quadrant Officials on November 12th

Come to the Open Meeting sponsored by this team
to discuss implementing solutions and other issues:

 Open Team Meeting  – Residents Welcome!
Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 7 pm,
NSC Office at 846 South Clinton Ave. 

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