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About…The Board

HPNA Board Members at January Planning Meeting for 2013

HPNA Board Members attend
January Planning Meeting

The Board of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association is responsible for upholding the Mission of the Organization.   While directly involved with the Associations’s major projects, events and meetings, the board also acts to facilitate many other related projects by organizing and assisting the teams and groups of residents that complete these tasks themselves.  The board is a fundamental resource for those residents that want to take action and improve upon our shared  urban village.  In addition, Board Members act as liaisons (and approve others in such roles)  to City Officials and associated Community Organizations.  The board is entirely staffed by volunteers from among our residents and members and all residents are invited to join in these efforts by offering opinions, assistance and every manner of contribution. 


Board Meeting Minutes

The Board will usually meet  the second Wednesday of each month. So be sure to check our Calendar for the next scheduled Meeting and also for the meeting location.  Any resident of the neighborhood or person with relevant interest can attend a meeting.   A portion of every meeting is reserved for open business, if you want to discuss an issue or concern directly with the board at a meeting,  please contact us at least a day in advance so that your item can be added to the agenda.  Board members, as well as Neighborhood Project Team Leaders may also be  available for individual conversation, please contact them directly for questions and other information.

There are currently an open position on the board , if you have interest in fulfilling the duties for Communications or Volunteer Coordinator please contact us as well.

To email all member of the HPNA Board:

Current Officers

Karl Waelder: Chairperson chair@highlandparkrochester.org

Mike Thompson: Vice Chairperson vicechair@highlandparkrochester.org

Mary Rose McBride/Lonna Cosmano;:Communications Coordinators:  communications@highlandparkrochester.org

Jane Wineberg: Secretary secretary@highlandparkrochester.org

Lori Bryce: Treasurer treasurer@highlandparkrochester.org

Volunteer Coordinator :  (Vacant)  volunteer@highlandparkrochester.org

Paul Urai: Security Coordinator security@highlandparkrochester.org

Christopher Kase: Business Coordinator:  business@highlandparkrochester.org

Sector Leader: Stacey Bershod: sectorleader@highlandparkrochester.org


To Access Downloadable Minutes From Previous
HPNA Board Meetings, Click on this Link


To Download the Current By-Laws of the
Highland Park Neighborhood Association,
please Click on this Link


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