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HPNA Meeting:Placemaking, Playmaking, BoulevArt, Traffic etc: March 25

2014 March 20
by Michael

The next general meeting of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association is on March 25, 2014 at Artisan Church beginning at 6:30 pm  which includes our annual focus on”Placemaking” as its theme.  This year’s meeting,  open to anyone interested, will include a special presentation:

“When Playmaking was Placemaking: How the movement called “Play” came to Rochester”

What:  Meeting of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association 
When:  6: 30 pm Meet and Greet
             7:00 – 8:30 Presentations & Discussion
Where: Artisan Church, 1235 S. Clinton Avenue

Download Flyer for March  HPNA Meeting

Download Flyer for March HPNA Meeting

Starting in the late 1880s, a social movement swept the United States  profoundly changing how  recreation for children and adults was valued and supported by governments and citizens alike.  This movement was sometimes simply referred to as “Play”.   It lead to the creation of Public Playgrounds and Social Centers in hundreds of cities where these had never existed before.   Rochester was viewed as a center of “Play”  leadership, so much so that the Fourth Annual Congress of the Playground Society of America came to the city for five days of meetings and special events in 1910.  This presentation will highlight the Rochester Contribution to this fascinating  movement that coincided with the end of Child Labor and the expansion of expectations towards  Public Education and Social Activities.


After the presentation, members of the Board and Teams from the Highland Park Neighborhood Association will lead a review and discussion of upcoming events in Spring and Summer 2014 along with a general call for participation.

Major Events and Activities  from the HPNA , City of Rochester  and others to be discussed include:

  • BoulevART  Refresh 2014
  • Neighborhood Spirit Contest
  • Clean Sweep
  • Traffic Calming Goals
  • Voice of the Customer Project
  • Lilac Festival Events
  • Art Show 2014 at Crossroads Coffehouse
  • Tree Tours of Highland Park
  • PAC-TAC Walks
  • Meet the Musicians
  • Music in the Park
  • National Night Out

as well as other meetings & events


“The tendency of modern industrialism to crush individuality is counteracted by increasing the opportunities for each person to develop in his leisure hours individual qualities not developed in the hours of business.

” People who play together find it easier to live together”

“Democracy rests on the most firm basis when a community has formed the habit of playing together”

From the Constructive Creed prefacing the Program for the June, 1910 Rochester Play Congress and Conference


From Rochester Play Congress  Program 1910

From Rochester Play Congress Program 1910



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