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A Resident’s View of The Neighborhood

Google Map of Highland Park Neighborhood

The Highland Park Neighborhood is one of the most pleasant and livable in the city of Rochester.  Named for the gem of Rochester’s parks, Highland Park, the area is home to over 2,000 households and also includes Colgate Rochester Divinity School, St John’s Home, and Highland Hospital. It is adjacent to the Highland Branch Library, the James P. Duffy #12 elementary school, and the Rochester Childrens Network.  The South Wedge, University of Rochester, and downtown Rochester are within easy walking distance.

The Highland Park Neighborhood has deep historical roots. The original name of the neighborhood, Ellwanger Barry, came from George Ellwanger and Patrick Barry who started their nursery business here in 1840. Their enterprise grew into the largest horticultural business of its kind in the world and played a significant role in Rochester’s claim to the title of ”The Flower City.”


The Neighborhood has many examples of beautifully maintained late 19th and early 20th century homes retaining the details of an earlier era.  Houses are of a scale and style which encourage single family ownership, with homes from 1,000 to over 2,500 sq ft., with most being in the middle of this range.  Craftmanship is evident throughout all the homes here, from the simple styling of cottages originally home to nursery laborers, to larger more embellished tudors.

The Classic American Foursquare is the dominant house style in the neighborhood. Many have chestnut, oak, or gumwood interior details, as well as a signature front porch. These front porches, together with proximate sidewalks and a walking culture, create a delightful environment of neighbors on front porches chatting with neighbors walking by.

Highland Park

While Highland Park is a chief feature of the neighborhood, and is a frequent destination for many residents — whether for a peaceful stroll, a challenging run, an outing on skis, or a photographic opportunity — the area has much, much more to offer. Within easy walking distance are the historic Cinema Theatre, which has been showing movies for decades, the popular Ellwanger and Barry playground, and unusually large number of restaurants offering ethnic cuisine: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian, Cajun, Italian, German, Tex Mex — along with vegetarian or diner fare. There is a candy shop, many taverns, and a number of intimate coffee spots.


Virtual Scrapbook of the Highland Park Neighborhood

The real story of living here, however, lies in its residents: singles, couples, young families, and empty nesters who work as artists, business people, craftsmen, educators, engineers, lawyers, nurses, physicians, researchers, scientists, service sector workers, writers, and many free spirits.  The people in this community tend to have a broad world view and a strong desire to be part of both this and the wider community, no matter their economic status.

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Those who live here are proud to show visitors the panoramic views from the highest spots in the neighborhood, the beauties of Highland Park (particularly in the spring and fall), the Lamberton Conservatory year-round, the interesting and varied architecture, and ease of walking everywhere.

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