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Next HPNA Event: Design Your Own Meeting and Meet the Teams: October 29 at 6:30pm.

2013 October 24
by Michael

HPNA Logon with Rochester SkylineThe Next General Meeting of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association is your chance to interact with your Neighborhood in as many ways as you feel comfortable.  The meeting  will be held on October 29th in Highland’s Park Olmsted Lodge starting at 6:30 pm.  This is both an open idea affair and a working gathering of many of our Action Teams and Groups.  Each of these  will be discussing  plans for current and future projects.  And we are hoping that conversation will involve as many of our residents as possible.   We expect that attendees will be moving between our groupings as their interests direct.  In fact, even many current team members will making the rounds at times.

These teams are already planning to be at the meeting to talk with you:

  • Art & Cultural: Topics: 2014 Art Show, Lilac Festival, Music in the Park, Grants
  • Little Library Team: Topics: Completion of First Wave, Next Wave 
  • Highland Hospital Committee: Topics: Hospital Expansion, Other Engagement  
  • Security and Traffic Calming: Topics: PAC-TAC,  RPD News, Goodman Crossings, New Projects & Boulevart 2014 Refresh
  • Buzz and Communication: Topics: Next Issue of Buzz, Social Media Feedback, Websites
  • Schools and Children Events: Topics: School Choice, Activities for Children, Quality of Life Issues for Families
  • Board Leadership: Topics: FYI on the HPNA, Community Engagement, Finances, Taste of the Neighborhood, Miscellaneous Issues
  • Hospitality and Welcome Bags: Topics: Current and Future Participation
  • Clinton Avenue Business Engagement: Topics:  Merchant Association, Core Business Support, Cinema Projects
  • Volunteering and Membership: Topics:  Three Hour Team, Membership Campaign,  Open Positions: Business  and Gardening

Other groups and topics may be added as our very busy volunteers check-in. Depending on your interests, some topics may be tabled for later.  Look for updates at the Website. Some of the group break-outs will be delayed for a second wave around 7:30-7:45 so that folks can talk to as many HPNA contributors as possible.

The actual meeting starts at 7 pm, but there will time for socializing and orientation starting at 6:30. 

All of your concerns, issues and comments are on the table and the agenda.  Please come and share your voice.

Use this optional form to send questions and topics in advance.  And if you attend, we guarantee: You Will Be Heard!

[Form Removed as Event Is Over]

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