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Contact Us

To contact the all members of the Board of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association:


You may write to us at:

Highland Park Neighborhood Association
PO Box 18103
Rochester, NY 14618

Highland Park Neighborhood Association Board

Karl Waelder: Chairperson

Mike Thompson: Vice Chairperson

Communications Coordinator:  Mary Rose McBride and Lonna Cosmano

Jane Wineberg: Secretary

Lori Bryce: Treasurer 

Volunteer Coordinator :  (Vacant) 

Paul Urai: Security Coordinator

Christopher Kase: Business Business Liaison


Highland Park Neighborhood Association Team and Project Leaders:

Meghan Delehanty – Reddington; Children and Family Events Coordinator

Marcia Zach & Michael E. Tomb; Highland Placemaking Team Leaders

Paul Urai; Security & Pac-Tac Team Leader

Michael Thompson:Highland Hospital Neighborhood Committee Leader

  Other important email addresses:

 Elaine G. Spaull, Our  East District Representative on City Council Contact Elaine
Adam McFadden, Our  South District Representative on City Council Contact Adam

Highland Park Neighborhood Association Advisory Board:

This group features former HPNA Board Chairpersons and other Neighborhood Leaders
Mike Mahoney, Mary Staropoli, Roger Ramsay, Michael Thompson, Carlene Woodward and Jeanne de Keyserling
Emeritus: Ruth Danis

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